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Marine Pricing









     Wash & Wax

     Wash, Wax & Buff

Interior & Exterior

   Wash, wax & interior

    Wash, wax, buff and interior

$12 Per Ft

$15 Per Ft

$40 Per Ft

$30 Per Ft

$50 Per Ft

Travel Boat

Marine Coatings

Starting At $100 Per Ft

Feynlab Marine Coating

HYDRO Creates a hydrophobic surface, causing water and contamination to release quickly, while smart nano particles scatter UV rays, reducing the probability of UV damage to the watercraft surface. Suitable for both paint and gelcoat finishes, Hydro Tacklrs the age old issue of yellow, powdery oxidation caused by UV damage.

 Our Marine Coatings make clean up a breeze.

  • Reduced maintenance time

  • Less water marks( with proper maintenance)

  • Easier Water spot removal

  • Deeper gloss

  • Uv Protection (no more sun burn or oxidation)

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