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The Process

Preparation is the biggest factor in ensuring a strong, high quality, durable ceramic coating; aside from choosing the actual ceramic to be installed. Because of that, we use only FEYNLAB products from soap, compound polish and prep cleaner to ensure there is no room for failure. Using other products that have not been tested with a certain ceramic coating could possibly effect the way it bonds to your paint, effecting the durability and abilities of the ceramic. 

We begin with washing your vehicle, using PURE WASH, leaving your vehicle clean as clean as possible. We follow up with a clay bar to ensure we remove contaminants and pollutants from your paint surface. Then the real work begins, paint correction. We spend hours on end examining your whole vehicle and correcting all repairable blemishes to ensure your paint is in the best condition possible. After getting you paint shining again, we use Panel Prep to do a deep clean to prepare your vehicles paint for application. This ensures all oils, compounds and grease are removed to ensure a proper bond between your paint and the ceramic coating. Finally comes the application. We are trained to apply FEYNLAB products, ensuring its all done properly and effectively. Each coating has a different process of application, but all coatings except the CERAMIC LITE are infrared cured to speed up the curing process by up to 80%. This leaves ZERO room for failure and ensures you get your product to last. We then keep your vehicle another 24 hrs to ensure its cured properly and the elements do not damage the ceramic. Finally, your vehicle is returned, shining and protected, guaranteed to be looking sharper than when you bought it.

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  • CERAMIC LITE is the most economical and simple to apply ceramic nano coating in the FEYNLAB® family.

  • The performance allows installers to offer this service to customers at a price that is extremely competitive with other coating brand price points while equaling or surpassing those other brands in terms of performance.

  • A hydrophobic surface, easily out performing all traditional waxes and sealants.

  • Surface versatility – Ceramic Lite may be used to protect most vehicle exterior surfaces. 

  • CERAMIC LITE provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness, durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties.

  • FEYNLAB’s® true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.

$149.99 and up 

plus cost of paint correction if needed

1 year Warranty
FEYNLAB® CERAMIC thick protective ceramic nano coating engineered for extreme durability & protection for painted automotive surfaces. As an ultra-high solids coating CERAMIC adds intense: gloss, U.V. & heat protection, chemical resistance, and increased protection from the light ‘love marks’ of washing .

3 Year warranty

Starting at $699

(Paint correction not included)



FEYNLAB® HEAL LITE is the solution for hard to maintain dark colored automotive vehicles. With HEAL LITE, washed induced love marks and other light scratches will quickly vanish when the panel is heated by the sun.

HEAL LITE is a single-step ultra durable coating with excellent UV protection, extreme hydrophobic properties, and contains up to 60% of the healing capability of FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS.

HEAL LITE was developed with darker colored automotive finishes in mind. Particularly non metallic vehicles which easily reveal most paint defects such as swirl marks and other micro defects.

In addition to the impressive Self Healing Capabilities, HEAL LITE contains hearty UV resistance, rugged chemical protection, Very High Gloss, and the Superb Hydrophobic Properties that FEYNLAB® coatings are engineered and known for in real world conditions.

To activate healing: simply park the vehicle in direct sun where the temperature is 30°C (85°F) or higher and the Ceramic Polymer Matrix will reset.

Product Benefits:
Over the life of the product, a car coated in FEYNLAB® HEAL LITE will show significantly less swirl marks and marring than other professional ceramic nano coatings on the market (except for FEYNLAB® SELF-HEAL PLUS) due to the recovery properties of the coating.

HEAL LITE contains the same chemistry found in FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS (60% healing capabilities), and has similar physical properties such as; excellent UV & chemical resistance, brilliant gloss, and excellent water sheeting (hydrophobic) properties.

The mechanism behind the self healing effect is a memory polymer woven into a ceramic backbone. When heated, the polymer returns to its original state causing the self leveling effect to occur.

FEYNLAB’s true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection sincethe formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.

Pricing Starting At $1299 and up

(Paint Correction Not Included)



FEYNLAB® CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER was developed to protect from harsh conditions of vehicle wheels and turn wheel cleaning into easy mode!. This THICK & Durable ceramic nano coating invites extreme conditions because it was designed for high temperatures and a constant barrage of intense contamination.

With an extremely high solids content (70%), FEYNLAB® CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER will stand up to the daily beating delivered by road contamination and brake dust.

FEYNLAB’s™ true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.


Starting at $49.99 per wheel

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